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NeuroGenesis, Inc. and beCALM'd

The Company and Product History

The product history of beCALMd began in 1984. At that time Dr. Kenneth Blum applied for a patent on his discovery that through the use of select nutritional formulae, certain substance abuses, e.g. an alcoholics craving for alcohol, could be reduced or even overcome. The product was first marketed (in late 1985) as SAAVE. It was sold to hospitals and clinics. The marketplace was very attached to certain traditional methods and the Company's efforts were hindered a great deal by not having FDA drug approval. Nevertheless, the Company reached annualized sales of more that $1,500,000 by November of 1989 (having become a public company with $300,000 in additional funding in January of that year.)

In November of 1989, one of the key components, l-tryptophan, was banned by the FDA. This required $250,000 worth of inventory to be destroyed and necessitated sales being curtailed in December. By mid-January, however, the Company had found a substitute for the tryptophan and had $10,000 in sales that month. By October of 1990 sales were back to nearly $90,000 per month. Unfortunately, the large inventory loss and sales reduction for that year placed the company in a position for an unfriendly take over October 17, 1990.

Under the "take over" management teams, revenues dropped to zero by November, 1994. All of the "take over" Board of Directors resigned that year. The original president of the company, Albert H. Bieser, was then asked to reorganize the company. This was begun in January of 1995. The first shareholders' meeting was held three months later to formally elect the newly appointed directors.

During the years 1990 to 1995, Bieser had formed a new company, Natural Neuro Nutrition, Inc. (3NI). It provided new research which used some of the basic chemistry of SAAVE but which allowed it to be used for diseases caused by psychological stress. 3NI filed for a new patent and called the product beCALMd. 3NI's formula modifications were awarded three additional patents between 1998 and 2000.

In 1992, a pilot study by 3NI's Dr. Terry Neher, showed that beCALMd is a very effective substitute for Ritalin in Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorders. This became the main marketing thrust of 3NI for it is estimated that nearly 20% of the school children in America have been diagnosed as having ADHD. As ADHD has been shown to be genetically related, it follows that 20% of the population is probably hyperactive and that 2/3rds of those, 13/7% of the American population, NEED beCALMd (in addition to stress and recovery considerations.)

NeuroGenesis (NGI) acquired 3NI and Neuro Health Products in February, 1998. In Spring of 1998, NGI filed the two suits whose successful awards are shown on our Patents and Legal Information page. These adjudications of the patents place the Company in a very favorable position. It consequently has the ability within the next five years to move to between $5 and $10 million in annual sales.

The year 1999 ended in triumph though it began very slowly. The Company had won its infringement suit against NDI and its president, Thomas Chmielewski, the preceding August. Unfortunately, Tom passed away in September and settlement had to be done with his estate. The result was the receipt of about $7,000 and some usable inventory. The Company was, at the time, still suffering badly from the effects, of the latter to be proven tortious, acts of Tom Spinks and his company, Quest IV Health Products, Inc.

In 2001, the Company won its final legal battle against Spinks, et al. Thereafter positive results began a steep climb. February, 2001 sales were $27,000. In June, 2002 sales were $109,000.

It is our belief that the Company is now on the verge of coming into its very large potential. With new professionals on staff and a winning marketing plan in place, we feel that not only is the sky the limit, but entirely attainable to our distributors.

                Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
                The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent disease.

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