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The use of d-Phenylalanine is vital to the elevation of opioid activity. This amino acid works to inhibit the enzymes that break down the opioids (enkephalins) in the brain. By maintaining greater levels of opioid activity the person is able to experience an increased sense of internal well being since the opioids work to reduce the effect of fight or flight. The opioids produce a different calming than tranquilizers, a deeper sense of calm.

5 Hydroxy tryptophan (5 HTP)

The second component of our blend is the precursor to the inhibitory neurotransmitter serotonin which relieves anxiety simply by reducing the impact of multiple sensory input actions in the reticular activating system in the brain. When anxiety patients are tested, their serotonin levels are usually found to be depleted. This depletion plays a large part in making you overreact to the stimuli in life. Depletion of serotonin also influences the barely concealed aggression you may feel towards other persons. Low serotonin levels are initially sensed as irritability. In addition, the presence of 5 HTP also helps insure that the level of vitamin B-3 remains available for mental and emotional balance. A lack of B-3 is thought to cause the nervousness, irritability, and apprehension we associate with anxiety and benzodiazepine withdrawal.


The third member of the alpha-wave producing blend is glycine. Glycine acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, but unlike 5HTP which reacts in the brain, glycine works by inhibiting the nerve cells in the spinal cord. Research is showing that glycine deficiency results in jerky, exaggerated movement and sometimes even spasticity. All the movements you take for granted are suddenly uncoordinated and magnified during intense anxiety associated with benzo withdrawal. Glycine works by inhibiting the messages from the spinal cord that cause these abnormal responses.


A similar rationale exists for including the amino acid taurine in the blend Taurine is a simple sulphur-containing compound and one of the most abundant amino acids in the body. Much of the research conducted into the uses of taaurine centers on its function in nerve tissue and its powerful inhibitory action in the excitable tissues such as the heart and skeletal muscles.


l-glutamine is the precursor for GABA. It is the GABA network of neurons and receptors that are negatively affected by benzo use. GABA is dramatically depleted and consequently the person feels extreme anxiety. The more of the benzo drugs we use the more GABA is depleted. Glutamine begins the rebuilding process necessary for eventual normalization of GABA activity.

Metabolic Co-Factors

Vitamins B-6 and C: Calcium as ascorbate, Mg, Zn, Folate.

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