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The results of using BeCalm'd with my 11yr old son is a miracle. I was at wits end....I was ready to get ritalin or something like it to help him concentrate. He was asking for help. It has changed his life. It use to be a fight for days to get him to do a 30 min homework assignment. Now he gets it done before I can even remind him to do it. We use to have daily arguments about nothing. He would just badger, and annoy....Since he has been taking the BeCalm'd for the last month and a half we have not had one argument...If you would like me to tell you more, I would be more than happy to at a later date. I will say that I work in middle school and see a lot of kids on adderall and ritalin. I was trying everything to not put my son on it. I just by chance found your cite on the web and decided to try it. The stress is gone from our home......I have gone on the monthly program and am thinking about being a rep for your company. Thank you again

   -- Debbie -- (Middle School Special Ed Aide)
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It has been seven days now, that i have been taking beCALMd. I am taking 2 in the morning, two in the afternoon and two right before bed time, all of them with orange juice. I feel better, well let me explain. I use to get up in the morning feeling tired even after a full nights sleep. When i goto school, i don't get worried about tests or class that much. I use to goto class and worry about learning everything that was taught. But now it's like i have the confidence that i will do good. And no more stress at all before my mid-terms this week. Also i have noticed that i am not that hungry anymore , i am not sure why , but before a test in the past i would eat alot, and feel realy bad before class and tests. So i will continue taking this amount for several more days, to make sure everything is going great. I have never been diagnosed with having ADD or ADHD. Before i started taking beCALMd. i didn't pay attention to class or any of my subject that well. It's always been this way, i just figured i was lazy or something . But who knows i may have something like that and this B'calmd is helping to put right, what has been wrong for some time now.

   -- John -- Happy College Student
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I just wanted to write and thank you for the Becalm'd kids chewables. As you know, we'd been praying for an answer to help our eight-year-old son, who would often get very frustrated and angry. As he is home-schooled, it became more and more apparent that he may have partial A.D.D. We were not willing to go the route of 'Ritalin', or any similar drugs, and so, I had been praying for the Lord to lead me to a solution. I looked up A.D.D. on the internet and found the BeCalm'd tablets on your website. Our son is not able to swallow capsules or tablets, but when I contacted you, you were able to provide me with the new kids chewables, that had only just come on the market!! What a timely and wonderful answer to prayer! We started our son on two in the morning and two at night, but after the first bottle, we did not notice any significant improvement. On the second bottle, I increased his dose to three morning and night, and after about a week at that level, he really began to improve. I am delighted to report, that we're almost through our 3rd bottle and he is a much calmer, more relaxed and happy little boy. The difference is obvious to our whole family and I just wanted to write and thank you, most sincerely, for this wonderful product. I have already recommended BeCalm'd to several others in similar situations, and I am most grateful to NeuroGenesis, Inc. for coming up with a "natural" alternative to help our precious children. It really is a blessing to us, and again, my sincere thanks for all your help.

   -- Jane D. --
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I placed an order for beCalmd with you a month or so ago, and the difference in my son is truly amazing.  I have been a clinical psychologist for many years, and have a degree in chemistry as well, so approached using this product with some healthy skepticism.  I am thankful that it has proven itself to be very effective.  Trouble is, I've lost all but your email address, and my son is running out.  I would like to order another bottle.

First, I have been a behavioral health professional for almost 30 years. I started with kids, and now work with mostly adults and adolescents and see daily the scars of untreated or mistreated ADD/ADHD. And these scars are no more unfortunate than those created by the injudicious use of amphetamines. That is not to say that these drugs don't have some role to play (although I'll admit that any role is difficult for me to justify in my mind), but that the future addicts we are creating my using this drug to treat our children must be a serious consideration. Especially when there are natural products like beCalmd, based upon solid research, that work so well for so many.

I had put off giving this product to our son for a few years, hoping that what we were seeing was just a lack of application or laziness on his part. But this last year the evidence was irrefutable. So in desperation, really, I ordered beCalmd. I had recommended this product to many, many patients over the last few years, but for some reason had avoided it with my own son. The old cobbler's kids tale. Anyhow, the difference in him (he is 14, going on 15 this August) is nothing short of astounding. And I don't impress easily. So thank you, and keep up the good work!

   -- Dr. John Gardin -- Clinical Psychologist
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I read about BeCalm'd when trying to research about alternative for Ritalin. My son, 16, has been on and off Ritalin since age 3. They don't seem to work on him any more.
The last 2 months have been the most difficult for us. He was totally unmanageable. His Temper Tantrums ended in violence and I had to call 911 for help three times in just one month.
I started him on the BeCalm'd on 1st of March and since then he seems to be getting angry but manages to control himself tactfully. We have not had those episodes again and I am hoping the BeCalm'd will help him thru the stress of being a teenager and his ADD.
I can foresee my secret suffering coming to an end soon. BeCalm'd has worked miraculously with him. He is in control and I am thankful to the manufacturers of BeCalm'd for bringing out such a wonderful product.
I would also like to thank for the guidance I received from them as far as the dosage and other questions and the confidence I got from their emails which finally made me try the product on my son.
My advice to parents with an ADD child is, don't leave out this option - Try it out! It has no side effects and it may just be a miracle you have been waiting for.

   -- Shellina -- Toronto, Canada
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Good afternoon! I am so excited about beCALM'D. This product is amazing. My son was on 25mg of Zoloft and 40mgs a day of Ritalin. We had tried Aderrall and Effexor and that was not a good thing for us, so we switched to Ritalin and Zoloft. My name is Lisa. I have a 9 year son with ADD/ADHD. When he was 7, he was diagnosed with ADD. He had not had any problems until his 2nd grade year. There was a horrible conflict in personalities between my son and his teacher. We have been through family counseling, through counseling with a Child Psychologist and a Child Psychiatrist. They all wanted my son on Ritalin and Zoloft. (after, Adderall and Effexor didn't help) I hated drugging my son. He is a beautiful and very intelligent child. In our school system, they label children on medications. This also caused an anxiety for my son at school. A few months ago, I decided to search for more information on ADD/ADHD. Every website that I would go to would show beCALM'D. So I decided to try it. We are now 2 months into beCALM'D and so far we have dropped down to 5 mg of Ritalin a day and are weaning off of the Zoloft now. Before, my son would have to take .01 mg of Clonidine just to sleep at night. I knew that medicating him that much could not be healthy or safe. After trying beCALM'D, we are doing wonderful. My son Jess is now playing with other children, doing well in school, and doing wonderful at home. The stress level in our home is so low now that we are finally able to enjoy our son. He notices the difference and noticed that by taking beCALM'D in the morning and evening, he would not have to take medication at school. I am very greatful for the makers of beCALM'D. I hope that others will learn about beCALM'D and have wonderful results just like our family has. I am currently working with two other families who have started beCALM'D after seeing such wonderful results that my family is having. I am also very interested in helping others learn more and find their way to beCALM'D just as we have. Thanks again for this live saving product.

   -- Lisa -- Winnfield, LA
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Our doctor, who was totally against the beCALM'd or anything else, is now telling others about the beCALM'd. Why are some doctors so closed minded to things such as this? If its not pushed by one of the pharmaceutical reps or its name isn't on a writing tablet he is given, it doesn't exist. Our son has been on Ritalin for the last 3 years just because he told us that was best for him. Now I realize that was total BS.

   -- K. Broussard -- Lafayette, Louisiana
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I am a mother of the sweetest little boy in the world.........and the greatest miracle of all is that my son was able to completely get off of the Ritalin and two months ago, he was able to return to his school. Our little private hell has ceased and we are praying everyday that it keeps on working.

   -- D. Sanders -- Tucson, AZ.
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He was put on Ritalin because the local school district informed us that if we did not put him on medication he would be removed from school. In fact his first year in school was a nightmare from the start. Kindergarten is suppose to be fun, and enjoyable for the child, however, Christopher had the teacher from hell and she made his life miserable. He could do nothing right and at the end of the school year she was going to flunk him out of her class, if it were not for me doing a little threatening of my own. Christopher's teacher thought he was nothing but trouble, to hyperactive, too hard to manage and she wanted nothing to do with him. This was the start of our own nightmare and our introduction to Ritalin and ADD. For the next 8 years are little boy was on this medication because without it he would not be allowed to continue in our public school system. We tried every remedy known to mankind, different herbs, vitamins, liquid vitamins, you name it we tried it. Nothing worked and as the years progressed so did our frustration and the weekly confrontations with the local school. My wife volunteers at the school in the office area weekly, and she has told me of the hundreds of kids that are on Ritalin and other medication. They line up everyday to get their medication in order for them to stay in school and they attempt to do their work in a drug induced state.
About 12 months ago we were told to put Christopher on Adderall and that this medication would work better and would last longer. The side effects were the same, dehydration, loss of appetite, growth limitations and violent mood swings and the fact that no one knows what the long term affects on our children's health will be. We did as the Doctor advised and he has been on Adderall since. Anytime Christopher has a bad day in school, the teachers want to know if he took his medication for the day, you see, once a child is labeled ADD or hyperactive, it stays with them, and it its locked in the teachers minds, thus if the child has a problem, it must be that he/she did not take their medication. I am sure this goes on in public schools all over this country and parents like us have no choice or our choices are very limited. If you want your child to stay in school Ritalin or Adderall is their solution to any and all behavioral problems.
We have struggled with these medications because no one knows the long term affects that they will have on our children. Some children have even died due to long term dosage of Ritalin, but what is a parent to do. I would do anything to get my child off this medication and we have looked high and low for an answer. The answer did come to us recently with phone call. A friend of mine, Bryan Wirth informed me of a product that was developed for children diagnosed with Add/Adhd, the product, BeCalm'd and it is 100% natural. We were very skeptical at first, not sure what to make of it and really cautious not to get our hopes up to high.
We started off slowly, two pills in the morning, two in the afternoon and one at night. We slowly took Christopher off of Adderall, basically we weaned him off of it, just like you would do to a drug addict. After all these years my little boy was hooked, hooked on a prescribed drug that made him feel terrible but one he knew he had to take in order stay in school. We were very upfront with Christopher, we told him about this new product, BeCalm'd and what it could do for him. We told him that we really needed his help and we wanted him to let us know how he was feeling while on this product. Christopher had always told us he did not like the medication, Adderall or Ritalin because it made him feel weird. Not to mention the other children would tease him once they found out he was on medication.
From the very first day without Adderall, Christopher noticed a difference in how he felt. He said he felt good, and we noticed an amazing side effect of BeCalm'd, Christopher began eating more than he had ever eaten before and this started on his first day with BeCalm'd and his first day without Adderall. You see while Christopher was on Ritalin and Adderall, his daily diet was simple, a piece of toast for breakfast, no lunch, and a few bites of food for dinner, that was it. He was very much underweight (a common side effect), he is very short for his age (another side effect), his lips are constantly dry and chapped severely (another side effect), and he drinks constantly which is also a side effect due to dehydration. So we took are time and we take each day, one day at a time, and each day we see a remarkable improvement in our son's attitude and behavior. I will keep you updated as we progress forward with this remarkable product BeCalm'd.
My recommendation: Take your time and look through the website, absorb all the information, and try our product. The sooner you get your child off of Ritalin or Adderall the better. Please do not wait, the longer you wait the more harm you could be doing to your child. These ingredients are 100% natural, FOOD FOR THE BRAIN, you have absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain!
If you do decide to try our product, DO NOT take your child off his/her medication right away. Go slow, Ritalin and Adderall are very powerful mind altering drugs, and if you take your child off medication right away you will see some very wild mood swings.

   -- Bobby Brown --
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Becalmd really seems to be helping my husband. He has suffered, undiagnosed and unmedicated, with depression for a long time. He still has some setbacks now and then but not near as often as he used to. My husbands son, who didn't know my husband was on the supplement has noticed the difference as well as his mother and aunt. I really feel it is making a difference- and it has only been one month! When he does get in one of his moods they don't last as long as they used to - what a relief- for those of us who have to live with him!! :o) I will order again when he gets to the last bottle- probably 2 weeks or so Thanks again!

   -- Kim --
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beCalm'd is working great for me. I was on Prozac and have weaned off of that and also off of Xanax. I told my husband that I feel "normal" - a feeling I haven't known in years. I've struggled with depression since my dad died in 1997 and have been on several different antidepressants. They all had side effects that I hated. I've also been diagnosed with PTSD in the past (due to a trauma I suffered as a child that I had blocked out most of my life) and when I read the reports about soldiers with PTSD whom this product worked for, I decided what the heck - what did I have to lose? Like I said, I feel "normal" - I have energy, I sleep better, and my libido is back. I don't have near the mood swings that I had before. I'm also not a walking zombie. I tell everyone I know about this product. I feel better than I ever have in my whole life. Thanks for checking with me. I'll be sure to let you know if I have any questions.

   -- Amy --
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I have been depressed for the last eight years and I can't figure out why. I have tried everything. I learned about your product through someone at our church. I read over your literature several times and finally tried the beCALM'd. I wish I could say I wasn't depressed anymore but I can't. I can say that the times I am depressed don't last nearly as long as they used to and to me, this is a great blessing. I have just re-enrolled in college. I am extremely angry that your product has been such a well kept secret and now I wonder how many other medicines are out there that could have helped.

   -- T. Summers -- Fort Collins , CO
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I am a 30-year female. I guess my story starts about 7 years ago. I got married in 1995 after my brother was killed in a car crash. After three years with my husband and many panic/anxiety attacks that got me in the hospital several of times I found out that my husband was cheating on me. After the divorce I was very down and had an attack about once a day. About two years ago I met this great guy and we got married. We wanted to have kids but had so many problems I lost five pregnancies before we conceived my child. I was on hospital bed rest for 5 month with drugs that could kill a horse. After my little girl came into this world (week 34) I got a mild case of depression. Every one told me that it would go away, IT DID NOT. I thought that this is how I am going to live the rest of my life. About two months ago my husband had to go on a business trip for 4 weeks and that's when things got BAD. I could not stop my tears I lost my appetite and had a panic attack at least twice a day. I could not sleep and had no help with my 10-month-old baby. I did not get out of the house my child had to play only inside since her mommy was too scared to go out. This is when I found your product. I had nothing to lose since my doctor was ready to put me on Vaban and Paxil. So here I am two weeks later and this is what has changed in my life: * After three days I had only one attack a day but no more tears. * After 5 days I went out with my baby (still had some fears) and had a small anxiety attack when I got home. * After 7 days I started eating again. * After 10 days I realized that I had not had an attack in two days. * After 14 days I feel great and had 15 people with their kids come over for a BBQ at our house * AND went out with my child and husband on a long one-day road trip. THANK YOU for giving me back my life. I still feel panicky every now and again but I can deal with that. My depression is almost all gone and my Dr. said that there is no need for me to start the Paxil. I know that the road to full recovery is still out there but with your product I can see the light. THANK YOU!

   -- A happy mother and wife --
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I think that most people feel stressed in their lives. I've had a few unusual events that have kept my stress level severely elevated for quite a few years. I had a brain tumor removed in 1976. It was still encapsulated, fortunately, but was large enough to crush the bone behind my right eye & caused considerable bone erosion.

In 1987 I moved my family from Fairbanks, AK to Champaign, IL to care for my mother who was paralyzed & without speech from a massive stroke. At that time, I had been a single parent for 2 years and had 3 children ages 3,5 & 8. My ex-husband never contributed child support or insurance. Supporting my family consisted of working full time at the U of I. Sewing full time in the evenings - I tried to sleep about every other night - wasn't always able to get it in but I tried.

After two years of this schedule I wound up on medication for sleep deprivation - the physical indicator was that my entire trapezoid muscle froze - extremely painful. In July of 1992 I woke up in the middle of the night with my face burning & I couldn't see. It was an allergic reaction to chemicals used in the experimental fields at the University. My face blew up - I looked like elephant mans ugly sister - and lost about 8 layers of skin from the chemical burn. After the initial emergency treatment the doctors kept trying to withdraw the antihistamines but my face would immediate swell again. They were concerned that if infection got started it could travel to my brain through the passage created when the tumor crushed the protective bone behind my eye.

A CT scan was done & the lead doctor pointed out a spot & told me that it was either massive infection or another tumor. Lab tests showed no infection so he cut my head open the next day & a nightmare began. The spot was merely the plastic in my forehead that replaced the bone erosion from the tumor. All of that was in my records and it was an entirely unnecessary surgery. They contaminated the plastic. After that a series of horrible events - a major surgery for Mother - a welcome move back to N. Idaho (recommended by the doctors to get out of the 'allergy zone'. - Mothers death - local doctors here ignoring obvious symptoms until the infection caused by that unnecessary surgery blew a hole out of the side of my head & vertigo dropped me to my knees. Then I was told that I had less than two weeks to live without a surgery to remove a large portion of my skull & was given a less than 5% chance of surviving that surgery. Rather then being victimized by another doctor, I did my research & went to Harborview in Seattle for a second opinion. Diagnosis was the same - prognosis different. They didn't indulge in dramatic percentages etc. - did the initial 17 hour surgery & saved my life. I spent the next 6 months in a bright blue helmet with a groshong catheter implanted in my chest for daily IV antibiotics. My 14 year old son administered the medications & did the cleaning between the weekly in home health care visits. He was recovering from a motorcycle accident (he was on the back) that resulted in 3 bulging discs. The next surgery to reconstruct the 1/4 of my skull that had been removed was done 6 mo. later with limited success. My forehead resembles the grand canyon.

The financial nightmares were incredible. No family for financial or emotional support. I couldn't get a work release for several months & because of that couldn't collect unemployment either. At any rate, I could write a book on creative poverty.

Would any of this depress you? I've struggled with depression and anxiety (including occasional panic attacks) for many years. I've done massive research on nutrition and sought every possible avenue for relief - including anti depressants.

The beCALM'd product has done more for me than everything else combined. I still fight some anxiety but it has lessened considerably. I can now look at my three beautiful children (you can imagine what they went through) now mostly grown - and - feel positive. They are all happy, productive people. This in itself is a major accomplishment considering the challenges we hurdled through their childhood's. Despite this wonderful, positive outcome my reaction - until beCALM'd - has been anxiety & fear that something will happen again to ruin everything that we have accomplished. I didn't choose to feel this way - I couldn't help it. Your product has improved the quality of all of our lives.

   -- Jane Elmer --
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I have now had my supply of BeCALM'd for about ten days and its really seems to be working!!

I am taking it for depression, anxiety and stress. I have chucked the SSRI's in the bin and am feeling truly positive and not so bloody defeated by life and all it has to throw at me.

My Son Liam has ADHD and ODD, We tried Ritalin for eight months but he was having violent rages, mood swings, motor tics and the list goes on. 

I took him off it before Christmas and whilst waiting for my supply of BeCalm'd I could really see the hyperactivity for its true self, but could cope with that a hell of a lot easier than the 20mg of Ritalin that was supposed to be helping him! 

It took about a week of him taking them one in the morning, one at night before we saw a difference. The most lovely thing was the fact that all though he still has ADHD etc., we felt that we had our son back, laughing and giggling and that eye contact was improved enormously.

Many thanks to you all, you have given us back hope that we never had.

   -- Emma Rich --
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I want to tell you how I found you and the beCalm'd. Her Doctor told my Granddaughter that she was having depression. She does not take medication well and I was scared for her to take the drugs. I went on-line under Manic Depression and your link was there, healing the natural way. I forget just how it was worded but I clicked and read the info that others were saying about beCalm'd. My Granddaughter has now been on beCalm'd for almost 4 weeks and she is doing very well. She still has bad days but not like she did. Before she was hateful most of the time and lost her temper easy and could not keep up with her house and laundry. She is the mother of 3 very active boys ages 4, 2 & 1. She had no interest in things at all. She is like a different person. I am so glad I found the beCalm'd and so is my granddaughter. She has learned how to take the right dosage for herself. At the same time I started my 15 year old grandson who is living with us on the beCalm'd. He use to have temper fits all the time and over the least little things he was very hard to get up for school. But now no problem getting him up and he is pleasant most of the time in the mornings. He is a whole different person. We also have his sister who is 7. She told her Mom she felt like she was about to explode at times. Nicky knows the difference with beCalm'd and takes it with no problem. She told her Mom she feels good now.

   -- Phyllis Elkins --
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Memo to file: June 30, 1995

I received a letter the other day that brought me up short. It caused me to ask, "Why can two perfectly healthy men face the same terrible battle together and. have one come home to life almost as it was and the other be so badly "traumatized" that he is unable to return to normal living?" It then occurred to me that it might be something similar to why two men raised in similar homes and living among the same groups of friends and relatives can have one become an alcoholic and the other not. Our research group developed a theory that seems to answer. this. But first let me show you the letter changed just enough to preserve the writer\'s identity:

Dear Al,

I hope this letter finds you and yours doing well and in the best of health. As for myself, I'm doing a great deal better than I have been for the last 12 months.
As you know I am a disabled vet. with P.T.S.D. (Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder.) I don't know how much you know about P.T.S.D. but it makes life in general, harder to cope with. In my case, for instance, my family seems to think 'ah he'll get over it'.
Al, most of the time people with P.T.S.D. are in their own little world. At least I feel that I am. The only people I can relate to and feel compatible with are brothers in arms (fellow vets that have or relate to P.T.S.D.) For us (me) life in the civilian world is a jungle and I don't trust anyone! Not even my own family, for fear of inadvertent betrayal, exploitation, mockery, ridicule, etc.. I've been married several times, numerous relationships, and so on.
My friend, life is really hard when you get out of the army! In the military there's a code of ethics and there are standards that we go by. The old saying, "Watch my back & I'll watch yours", says it pretty well. In the military it doesn't matter what color you are or where you came from, i.e. foreign, poor, rich, American Indian, white, black, brown, it doesn't matter we are brothers in arms." in a sense we were "color blind". In civilian life no one hardly trusts anyone.
For me, being out of the army has heightened my stress, paranoia & anxiety. These three titles include a lot of other emotions i.e. rage, lack of trust, scared all the time, depression, suicidal, lack of sleep due to paranoia, homicidal response to little things, and always on guard. I randomly wake-up nightly. Each night it is a different hour of the night. My compulsion is to check out the windows and look around the house with my light and shotgun. I walk outside as quietly as possible to see if anyone's around. Since I no longer have my dogs, I pull "guard duty." I'm married now & have a 2 1/2 year old son, which makes me more stressed in trying to protect them from harms way.
Son.. it is hard! I have a 20 acre farm with lots of geese and birds that act as my watchdogs. Laugh if you want but, it works!! I live in the woods as far away from the town as I can get. But, the people keep moving in around my family and me. I feel like I'm smothering with people! It's a full time job trying to mind your own business with people trying to help you out! To tell them you want to be left alone just doesn't work! So life goes on with this terrible burden of stress, anxiety, and paranoia. It doesn't take much to trigger me into rage.
I stress out, every day and night. The feelings are with me 24 hrs a day. I go to therapy every week at the V.A. hospital or private therapy. Life in general is hard to cope with!
You see Al, few people have any knowledge of what many vets went through until they have been in the military and seen people killed before their own eyes. The non-vet (other than, maybe, law enforcement officers) cannot begin to know the feeling of looking at the business end of a M-16 assault rifle with someone on the trigger end that has just flipped out. It therefore follows that almost none have any knowledge of what it is like for the returning vet. If they did, I doubt that they would be so quick to say, "Ah, he'll get over it."
As the saying goes, "When you've walked the walk. You can talk the talk!"
Perhaps some might better understand if they saw the list of medications that the V.A. has been prescribing for me since October 18, 1997:

(a) Chlorpromazine 200 mg 2 ea 4 times a day.
(b) Clonazapam 2 mg. 2 times a day
(c) Haldol 3 mg (shot) constacte 3 times a month.
(d) Cogentin (Benzotropine) to be taken as needed for muscle spasms.
(e) Levothyroxine 0.15 mg. 1 time a day (for headaches) There's enough for 30 days (30 tab) I run out by the 10th of the month.
(f) Florinal 1, 2 times a day or as needed.

About a month ago one of my counselors suggested that I start taking beCALM'd stress formula, 2 ea. 3 to 5 times daily, it seems to really work. Here are some facts now:

1. I sleep peacefully at night with less-stress and anxiety when I'm awake.
2. I'm able to talk to other non-military persons without feeling paranoid. (I still don't thoroughly trust anyone except my wife.)
3. The days aren't so hard on me.
4. AND, I don't need to take the medications I had been:

Al, if I can be of any help to you, please write to me.

(Name withheld for reasons of privacy}


Our theory is based on the well known fact that all five of the fight or flee neurotransmitters are interrelated. That is, in stressful situations the Opioid levels are forced down, they force GABA levels down and Dopamine levels up. GABA going down forces Norepinepherine up and forces Serotonin down. Serotonin going down forces the Opioids, further down, etc. The dynamic range of this system is large enough that normal stress levels can be tolerated. However, when the stress reaches trauma levels, the system "hits bottom." That is, each component is so low that it forces the others to stay low indefinitely. This happens because as quickly as normal diet provides new Neurotransmitters, this system uses them up ... P.T.S.D. is the result.

Consequently, it would seem that the only way to bring the victim "up out of this hole" is precursor loading. Thus, when the letter writer used two to three times the normal quantities of beCALM'd, he enabled the system to "get up off of the bottom" and begin a return to normal. Our belief is that such a post traumatic stress disorder might call for a 185 lb. man to take 10 to 12 capsules a day for the first month and then titrate down to 4 to 6 over the next year. The expected result would be a nearly normal fight or flee system with unwarranted anxiety, lack of a sense of well-being (paranoia in the extreme case), and inability to sleep all being things of the past.

Albert H. Bieser, President
NeuroGenesis, Inc.

   -- --
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I am a clinical psychotherapist and social worker who specializes in traumatology and the neuropsychology of trauma. As such, I have been thinking of doing a testimonial letter for NeuroGenesis since I believe your product kept my 9 year old granddaughter from being permanently expelled from the private Catholic school she attends.

Tasha (my granddaughter) suffers from reactive attachment disorder (an area that wasn't discussed in other testimonials on your website) and the neuropsychology/neurobiology of this disorder quite literally had her operating most of the time in a "fight or flight" mode. When people operate in this mode, they inappropriately perceive most incoming stimuli (even positive stimuli) as a threat. This type of functioning can lead to incredible oppositional defiance, (especially with adult authority figures) and also to ADHD type behaviors produced by early life trauma. Quite honestly she was a very difficult child to be around (let alone to try to parent) most of the time.

When we started Tasha on becalmd, she had already been suspended from school 3 times since the beginning of the school year (and it was only October!). Although I have long discouraged my daughter (Tasha's adoptive mother) from having her medicated for ADHD, due to her increasing difficulties in school and at home, I had gone to the web to see if I could find information regarding the current ADHD type medications and medication side-effects. We quite literally felt we (and the school) had reached the final straw and felt we had no other choice than to medicate her in spite of the often negative side-effects of psychiatric medications (physical and psychological).

It was during this web-search that I found your site and thought, "Well....we certainly have nothing to lose!" I immediately bought your product in hopes that this would help her to gain some control over her negative response patterns, thoughts and subsequent behaviors. After beginning the becalmd, the change in her was not only immediate - it was miraculous!! For the first time in her life she was able to "connect with" (neurologically) her critical "thinking processes" - processes that allowed her to move beyond automatic "fight/flight" responses. This change of course, was due to the megadose of amino acids in becalmd.

Everyone who knew Tasha noticed the difference in her immediately - teachers, family, and friends. More important, Tasha noticed the difference in herself and at one point actually asked me, "Grandma, why don't I get mad and fight like I used to?" Tasha is no longer constantly arguing or tantruming about minor (or even major) issues; she and her mother are now able to enjoy being with each other and their bond is stronger than ever. It is such a delight to be able to watch Tasha enjoy success after success at home and in school. It is so important to us that the becalmd does not sedate her and has no negative side-effects what-so-ever (unlike the psychiatric drugs often prescribed); this amazing supplement allows her to connect to the best of who she is on a consistent basis. Since beginning becalmd, Tasha has become more loving, more empathetic, and shows increased self-esteem, furthermore she no longer perceives the world (and everyone in it) as dangerous. (It's important also to note, that Tasha's parents had received clinical therapeutic help for parenting her since she came to them at 2 years old, and Tasha herself had been through 3 years of 1:1 therapy. Because of all of this therapeutic help Tasha's attachment disorder had not progressed as it might have, but she still had major relationship and behavioral problems.)

A very tangible example of the changes in Tasha is the vast improvement she has displayed in school. She is no longer spending a good share of her school day in the Principle's office - in fact, she has not had to "visit" the Principle once since beginning becalmd!! (Before becalmd, she was in the Principle's office 3-5 times daily on average.) Additionally, her teacher reports that she is able to focus, stay on task, stay out of fights, and make positive choices in the classroom and on the playground. We just received her latest report card and the comparison to her last report card was dramatic! Tasha went from C's, D's, and F's to all A's and B's! Furthermore, she is sleeping better, making positive friends for the first time, and she is calm in her body (without sedation) 99% of the time. Needless to say our family is very, very grateful to NeuroGenesis for creating such a wonderful product. BTW - children with reactive attachment disorder frequently experience delinquency, drug use/abuse, and negative and abusive relationships in their teenage and adult years. In regards to Tasha, I am convinced that becalmd ultimately will have saved her from, or at least given her a fighting chance against, this frightening prognosis.

I am however, more than just a little bit upset that more people (parents, doctors, clinicians, etc.) do not know about this wonderful alternative treatment for children suffering from emotional disturbances and trauma induced ADHD type behaviors. We have of course shared our experience with anyone who will listen and I have especially shared it with other clinicians. For example, after talking with Tasha's doctor recently about becalmd, the doctor herself has decided to further explore this product as an option for other disturbed children she sees. Rest assured, we will continue to "spread the word."

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I came across becalmd while searching the web for stress related product. I was very hesitant to order it, but was desperate for something to make me feel better, so I did and the first day I started taking becalmd I saw dramatic changes in my life. I was on Buspar and that made me really sick -- the becalmd took me to a whole new level in my life. I was under such deep depression looking after my sick mother and at the same time my son was having behavioural problems in school. My son has been to several mental health experts one gave Metadetate (sp?) which is a form of ritalin that made him act like a real zombie in school, now that he started taking the becalmd chewables his classwork and focus in school have improved dramatically. I am so blessed to be taking becalmd because now I have my life back plus sleeping thru the night, and is now able to go out to dinner with my friends. I have just introduced it to one of my work colleagues who is battling stress and depression - I also showed it to my doctor and she thinks it's fine to take as long as it is making me feel better. I really do hope other people battling stress and depression could try it because it has been a life saver for me.

   -- Marcia -- New York
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The Desert Storm Experience Managing Stress in Combat By Albert H. Bieser, MS [Reprinted with permission from Professional Counselor, August 1993] How does one adequately describe something very few of us have experienced, such as the stress of combat? My vote goes to the story told to me by a Navy pilot who has experienced the stress of combat as a young pilot in Vietnam and as a seasoned reservist in Operation Desert Storm. As he related his experiences covering 20-plus years, a recurring story emerged of intense, prolonged stress grounded in high anticipation and anxiety, punctuated by relative short periods of extreme terror. What follows was described as an average day t the office for this Navy pilot. It could have been told by anyone serving in any branch of the military, in law enforcement and as teachers in many of our public schools! The mechanism our brain uses to handle stress is common to all of us. The pilots story: As the day begins, you feel like you have already run two or three miles and you have only just left your bunk. Breathing is difficult and tiresome, so you sit around and sigh a lot. Your nerves are so shot that you become hypersensitive to the point that every little noise is frightening. In the briefing room, you look around to see who is not present and think of who might not be there tomorrow. You fight to keep from losing our breakfast. After a while, food loses its taste and becomes a low priority. Extreme weight loss is common. If you are lucky, you learn to live on snacks and coffee lots of coffee. As you walk out to your aircraft you try to convince yourself that everything is okay. However, you already have the shakes before your preflight is complete. Only concentrating on the mission ahead masks the shakes, nausea and anxiety. Concentration on details is required because you know if you miss something during preflight or on some checklist, it could cause you not to come back. The stress continues to build, and you are still on the ground! You are now enroute to your target. There is no talking only occasional forced laughter. Although you are in an air-conditioned aircraft, you have already sweated through your flight suit. As you approach the target, you fight ever-increasing adrenalin and mounting anticipation. Over the target, the ability to concentrate becomes increasingly more difficult. In your headset you hear the enemys target acquisition radar sweeping the sky looking for you. You now anticipate the sheer terror of hearing the solid tone indicating missile lock. There is an extreme natural impulse to jerk the plane around and Get the hell out of there! but you carry on to the target. Due to the mounting stress, gaps are produced in your memory. Your recall is filled with blank moments, many of which are never filled. Adrenalin has filled your body to the point that you must put the plane on autopilot because you are shaking so badly and your reaction time has slowed dramatically. When you get back, you have a hell of a time getting out of your aircraft and many times you need assistance. You fill like your arms and legs weigh a ton and you move very slowly, but your thought processes are going a hundred miles per second. In a blur, many things stream through your mind: God, Im glad to be BackIm sorry about those who did not come backIm really going to miss my buddyI wonder if the next time I wont come back? A pilot doesnt get out of his aircraft, debrief, sit down in the ready room, kick back and think, Well, I did my job for today. Its not an eight-to-five job. I can remember flying a mission in Vietnam and feeling so exhausted after it that I did not know how I was going to get up for my second and third missions of the day. By the time I had flown my last mission, I was so physically exhausted that all I wanted to do was to fall into my bunk and sleep. You are so wired on adrenalin that it feels like your eyes are wired open. So you sit up and talk to your buddies. Extreme exhaustion makes communication in normal tones impossible. It was common to find yourself screaming and shouting at the person sitting next to you because you were sure that was the only way he was going to hear and understand you even though the compartment was otherwise quiet. In Vietnam, we never did eliminate or control the adrenalin, anxiety, or anticipation. We masked it long enough with alcohol or other drugs, especially Seconal, to allow us to pass out for a few hours. We never did really sleep. We came to several times a night experiencing feelings of dread and anticipation of our next mission, and at least on a week we awoke to the feeling, Today my number is up. More alcohol or drugs lessened these thoughts, and we could rest quietly though knowing that in a couple of hours this whole cycle would repeat itself. Other squadrons in Desert Storm also experienced these feelings. This type of stress does not last for a week or two. In Vietnam, 50 to 60 line days were common. We flew seven days a week, completing two to three missions a day. The military keeps count of how many pilots and air crews are lost to missiles and anti-aircraft artillery, but there is no count of those lost to the deadly combination of physical and mental exhaustion produced by combat stress. Our squadron took the dietary supplement, beCALMdTM , during Operation Desert Storm. BeCALMd is an amino acid, vitamin and mineral formulation produced by Natural Neuro Nutrition, Inc., in Seabrook, Texas (which was merged into NeuroGenesis, Inc. in 1998). We asked for it because a member of our squadron is a science teacher in civilian life and he told us it can provide the nutrition needed to restore neurotransmitters that are heavily depleted as the body functions to inhibit the harmful effects of stress. Half of our squadron was experiencing combat for the first time and the rest were veterans of Vietnam. We ranged in age from the early 20s to the mid-40s and all were in excellent physical condition. Due to naval regulations, all naval personnel undergo periodic urinalysis for drugs. None of our squadron members showed any evidence of drug use before, during, or after the study. The use (and availability) of alcohol was extremely limited. After a week or so, we began to compare notes with other similar squadrons. We found, in general, that: We had the ability to concentrate better, during and after a mission; relax quickly after a mission, sleep more soundly and did not awake in anticipation of the next mission: and concentrate more going into the target. (Both veterans and rookies reported they did not feel the intense anxiety and anticipation reported by other squadrons.) Veterans who had earlier experienced adrenalin shakes indicated the shakes were less severe and shorter in duration (3-5 minutes). We were able to debrief more quickly and completely because details normally lost to the adrenalin rush could now be recalled. While other squadron members, who were not taking beCALMd, became consumed with stress and began to eat, sleep and live it, we would put the cocks under the wheels, shut down the aircraft, walk away, relax, fall asleep quickly, and have a little bit of peace. During the later part of the war and after the entire squadron had been under high stress for several months, one aircraft received severe anti-aircraft artillery damage to one engine and main wing spar. The crew reported they remained under control and focused. They were able to get the fire out, run all necessary checklists, return to base, debrief clearly, relax and fall asleep. The skipper of the crew later reported that, based upon his experience in Vietnam, he is certain he could not have been able to stay focused enough to got the plane home if he had not had beCALMd. During another mission, the crew of a severely damaged aircraft had to develop in flight, real-time procedures to cover an emergency not covered in the manuals. This creativity was so significant that they were asked to recall the procedure, formalize it and add it to existing manuals. Yet it is well documented that creativity while under stress is rare. The squadron had greatly improved overall effectiveness and efficiency and we did not have to abuse alcohol and other drugs to relieve the effects of stress. The antithesis of this was demonstrated by two cases in World War II. 1. None of the veterans, Russian or German, who fought during the siege of Stalingrad lived to age 50. Few lived to 45 and most died soon after their 40th birthdays. All of these individuals had suffered extreme stress 24 hours a day for more than six months. 2. A study by Stewart Wolf that reported on the effects of stress by comparing the life expectancy of American men who had been in Japanese prison camps to that of Japanese men in American camps during World War II. The Japanese camps were extremely confining and had poor food in small quantities, and very little medical availability. The American camps, by comparison, provided food and medical assistance comparable to that received by the American population at large. Many U.S. camps allowed considerable freedom of motion for these prisoners. In general, three times as many men died in Japanese camps as did in the American camps. Six years after their release, twice the expected number of those imprisoned in the Japanese camps died from heart disease, more than twice from cancer and four times as many from gastrointestinal tract problems. Twice the number died from suicide, three times the expected number died as a result of accidents and nine times the expected number died of pulmonary tuberculosis.

   -- Navy Pilot -- Desert Storm