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Stress Test

In each of the five tests, please note the items that applies to your present feelings.

The “O” Group
My life seems incomplete
I feel shy with all but my close friends
I have feelings of insecurity
I often feel unequal to others
When things go right I sometimes feel undeserving
I feel something is missing in my life
I occasionally feel a low self worth
I feel inadequate as a person
I frequently feel fearful when there is nothing to fear
The “G” Group
I often feel anxious for no reason
I sometimes feel free floating anxiety
I frequently feel edgy or find it difficult to sit still
I often feel a knot in my stomach
Falling asleep is sometimes difficult
It is hard to turn my mind off when I want to relax
I occasionally experience feelings of panic for no reason
I often use alcohol or other sedatives to calm down
The “D” Group
I lack pleasure in my life
I feel there are no real rewards in my life
I have unexplained lack of concern for others, even loved ones
I experience decreased parental feelings
Life seems less colorful or flavorful
Things that used to be fun are no longer fun
I have become a less spiritual or socially concerned person
The “N” Group
I suffer from a lack of energy
I often find it difficult to get going
I suffer from decreased drive
I often start projects but don’t finish them
I frequently feel a need to sleep or hibernate
I feel depressed a good deal of the time
I occasionally feel paranoid
My survival seems threatened
I am bored a great deal of the time
The “S” Group
I can’t stay asleep
I am often irritable
My emotions often lack rationality
I occasionally experience unexplained tears
Noise bothers me more than it used to
I flare up at others more easily
I experience unprovoked anger
I feel depressed much of the time
I find myself more susceptible to pain
I prefer to be left alone

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