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Neurogenesis   Natural   Item Number: b90 - AD Number: ( 1197403682 )
Item Description 
Becalm'd If asked, “What is the greatest medical problem in this century?”, most would reply cancer or heart disease. In fact, it is stress! Research linking stress to a variety of physical diseases has been the subject of more than 20,000 scientific studies over the past five years. High blood pressure, ulcers, migraine headaches, strokes, alcoholism and even outbursts of anger are all often found to be due to the long-term effects of stress. Studies by the American Medical Association have shown stress to be the primary factor in over 75% of all illnesses treated by family and internal medicine specialists today. Over the past fifty years, scientists have been working to find the answer to the question, “Why does long-term stress cause problems for the mind and body?” These scientists recently learned that in handling stress the brain uses significant quantities of certain chemicals (neurotransmitters). At some point, the level and/or number of stressors cause the brain to run out of these chemicals. Typically, when this happens, a person first begins to have difficulty sleeping. The usual complaint is, “I just can’t turn my brain off.” The resulting lack of sleep takes its toll in many ways, such as frequent loss of temper and feelings of anxiety when there is nothing specific to worry about. Often the human stress response builds up from these discomforts to high blood pressure, heart disease, ulcers and even certain forms of cancer. It seems the options available to a person under long-term stress are limited: stop the stress, stop the effects of stress, or stop living. We cannot stop stress and we certainly do not want to stop living, so we must stop the effects of stress. This can be accomplished not with some new miracle drug, or significant life-style change, but by additional nutrition for our brains. The human brain is capable of manufacturing the quantity of the chemicals it needs if it is given the raw materials (precursors) required. These raw materials we consume every day. However, under high or long-term stress, normal diet does not supply a sufficient quantity of the necessary precursors. The additional nutrition required to meet this demand has been formulated in the product Neu·Becalm'd.

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