Phos. ac.

Phosphoric acid

Phosphoricum acidum

Phosphoric acid is used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical medications, fertilizers, and detergents. It is also used in sugar refining and to give soft drinks a fruity, acidic flavor. In orthodox medicine, phosphoric acid was once used to stimulate digestion. Now it is used to reduce calcium levels in the blood of people with cancerous or benign tumors in the parathyroid glands (which lie in the neck).

Parts Used

Dilute phosphoric acid.


This is one of homeopathy's most effective remedies for people who are apathetic and listless. This may be a result of too much studying or stress. Sluggishness and lethargy may also occur after a severe loss of fluids from dysentery or stomach flu.

Physical symptoms associated with listlessness and apathy include chilliness, loss of appetite, a craving for juicy fruits or refreshing fruit drinks, perspiration, the sensation of a crushing weight on the top of the head, and dizziness that occurs in the evening, after prolonged standing or when walking. Phos. ac. is suitable for children who grow too quickly and suffer from bone pain as a result, or who are distressed about masturbation and wet dreams.


Phosphoric acid is a transparent, crystalline solid, which is prepared chemically from phosphate minerals, such as apatite.

Personality profile

Phosphoric Acid is generally thought of as an acute or sub-acute remedy for the effects of grief and exhaustion. The most characteristic feature of the mentals of Phosphoric Acid is a peculiar emotional neutrality. This is a more profound, more abnormal state of emotional numbness than we see in the apathy of Sepia, the temporary exhaustion of Phosphorus, and the unemotional rationality of Kali. The sense of neutrality is so complete and continuous that the patient reports 'It is as if I were not alive'. No emotions at all are experienced (except fear at times), and the patient feels like a ghost, drifting through an unreal life in which he performs almost automatically, with no motivation, and no sense of satisfaction. Although the intellect eventually becomes affected, Phosphoric Acid's pathology is initially on the emotional level. He may function effectively in the world for a long time, and yet feel nothing inside; no happiness, no love, no sadness -just an emptiness where his feelings should be, which he knows is unhealthy and abnormal.

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