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beach_family_02.jpg (7276 bytes)Vitamin Power produces a comprehensive line of over 300 1st-Quality nutritional products, developed to meet a wide range of individual health needs.
First-Quality Products, The Competitive Edge . . .Our product line includes many exclusive formulations and specialty products that are not typically available in mass-market channels. Unlike the "commodity" brands sold at chain stores or supermarkets, Vitamin Power supplies a significantly wider range of nutritional solutions for individual health needs. Very often, the vitamin products sold at mass-merchandise stores are formulated "down" to a target price rather than up to a "value-added" high-quality nutritional standard.
Every Vitamin Power product is formulated for optimum dietary intake and manufactured to the highest standards with the finest-quality nutritional ingredients . . .


ultra_multi_90_02.jpg (8754 bytes) No unnecessary artificial colorings, preservatives, flavorings, sugar, salt or starch are added. Each product is laboratory-tested to assure quality and potency . . .
They are then pharmaceutically-bottled, tamper-proof sealed and readily stocked for direct shipments to customers worldwide, fresh from the factory.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee . . .
Vitamin Power guarantees the quality of every product bearing our label. This guarantee certifies that our products are manufactured to meet the highest standards of potency, purity and freshness.
Vitamin Power products are manufactured and packaged in accordance with strict controls set forth by Federal Food and Drug agencies.

Exclusive Multiple Vitamin Formulas Weight-Control Supplements
Natural Vitamins and Minerals Protein & Amino Acid Supplements
Gourmet Herbal Teas Muscle-Anabolic Formulas
Encapsulated Herbs Nutritional Skin-Care Products

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